Mail Order Brides

Mail Order Brides

Search for mail order brides on the Web: advantages and opportunities 


We all have our own reasons for being lonely. However, you should avoid loneliness if it makes you unhappy. 


If you are still thinking about how to find a decent life partner, if you have recently divorced or you have broken up with your girlfriend and do not even know where to look for girls for marriage - why not use the Internet? 


Fortunately, modern technologies allow you to realize even this dream, that is, to find your soulmate.

Computerized selection of brides for sale: an advanced way to meet a life partner


In this day and age of advanced technology, serious dating is mostly arranged through the Internet. Many people get acquainted and marry successfully thanks to dating sites. Why not use this opportunity to finally find your soulmate?


The famous psychotherapist Carl Rogers predicted the heyday of dating sites and marriage agencies in the 1980s already. This American scientist believed that the computerized selection of prospective partners will be much more perfect than before, and will serve as a great help for a person looking for a kindred soul.

Mail order wives: a story of mediated love


The tradition of starting a romantic relationship with the help of strangers arose many centuries ago. Let's regard the main historical stages in the development of the so-called mediated love.

The ubiquitous matchmakers


For a long time, respectable and careful parents tried to find a bride for their sons in advance. In Europe, the functions of wedding offices were performed by ubiquitous matchmakers. Their work was considered to be honorable and quite highly paid. In those days, matchmakers were regarded as coordinators of consolidation of capital rather than marriage specialists. 


This helped some to increase their wealth and saved others from ruin and poverty. Besides,  matchmakers perfectly played the role of the modern yellow press spreading the latest news in the form of rumors and gossip.

The first marriage agencies


On September 29, 1650, the world's first marriage agency was opened in London. It was founded by Englishman Henry Robinson. His clients were people for whom marrying was a profitable deal, a pooling of capital, the acquisition of a title, an increase in social status, etc., and not a love union. It is noteworthy that wealthy clients almost always provided information not only about the nature of the bride they were searching for but also about the desired size of her dowry.


For example, one of Robinson's first clients, sir John Dimely, according to historical documents, wanted to create a family with a young woman and advertised. The main criterion for choosing a bride was formulated as follows: " The lady must have a fortune of 300 guineas (nowadays that would amount to nearly 500 thousand dollars). It doesn't matter if she is a virgin, a widow, or pregnant by her ex-husband."  

Love by correspondence 


In the United States of the XIX century, owners of remote ranches published ads in newspapers indicating that they searched for girls who were ready to move from inhabited places to the backwoods. For these mail order bride, it was better to live a full life somewhere in Utah than to be on the breadline in New York. 


Several decades ago, the first international dating agencies appeared. Men chose foreign wives in printed catalogs. However, after the advent of the Internet, everything has become extremely simple, and this business has reached a serious scale.

The emergence of online dating services


In 1965, a team from Harvard University created Match, the world's first computer dating service. Users responded to questionnaires and received lists of potential matches. This algorithm is still used by many dating sites nowadays. 


In the 1990s and 2000s, there was a surge in the Internet activity. In the mid-1990s, relatively acceptable communication tools began to appear. Even before the special Web portals, there were many ways in which people communicated and dated online. Services like America Online, Prodigy, and eventually Craigslist offered chats, forums, and online ads for single people. 


By the time Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan found each other in AOL, it was clear that the Internet would radically change everyday life, including romantic relationships. was founded in 1995, and by 2007, online dating became the second-largest online industry with paid content.


By 2010, different dating sites existed for almost every city, sexual orientation, religion, race, and almost every hobby, making it easier to find a mail order wife. In 2002, Wired Magazine predicted that in 10 years time, the idea that someone would seek a relationship beyond the Internet might seem pretty stupid.


Since 2014, the so-called "niche" sites have started to gain popularity. They provide services to a very narrow group of users. For example, there are sites for dating in a particular country or city, sites that work exclusively for religious communities, or sites for LGBT representatives. 

Advantages of looking for a wife on the Web


If you are still in doubt about whether you should register on a dating site and look for a wife on an international platform, consider the main advantages of finding a mail order bride over the Internet.


Let's highlight the main ones among them: 


  1. A wider choice. It is difficult to imagine a place beyond the Web where you could find so many people at once in order to build a serious relationship with. Thanks to dating sites, the choice has expanded significantly. In this sense, the Internet is a unique opportunity to meet several dozen completely different people at once, communicate with them and have an interesting time. This is especially true for people older than 25-30 years when the circle of new acquaintances is limited, and life goes according to the scenario "home - work - store - home".

  2. The ideal ratio of men and women. Statistics on the Web are slightly different from what we are used to in real life. Mail order brides have already appreciated this method of searching for a potential husband, so there are no fewer of them on dating portals than men. According to observations, there are 2 men’s accounts per 3 women’s profiles on popular dating sites. Of course, such a fact can not but please the gentlemen!

  3. Analysis of a potential partner's profile as a pre-selection opportunity. The site search engine will do a great job for you in choosing mail order brides based on many parameters like age, profession, hobbies, similar interests and even bad habits (smoking, drinking). You can select a proper female candidate for your height, skin color, hair, and even eyes. You should also pay attention to the photos uploaded to the profile. If the only picture that a mail order bride has posted on the site is a beach photo in a bikini, it means that she is very proud of her appearance, and you may easily suggest what appearance requirements she may impose on her chosen one.

  4. Convenience. You can be in communication with your partner(s) at any time convenient for you, and in any place you like. Besides, you don't need to think about your appearance during online dating.

  5. You have enough time before you meet her in person. On the Internet, you can get to know your potential wife better, and then meet her in real life. You should also consider the time you need to respond to the mail order bride’s message. You may come up with the right words, abide time or sustain a pause which is hardly possible in offline. 

  6. The Internet erases all social boundaries. For example, you can get acquainted with any mail order bride online, whether it's a celebrity or a wealthy businesswoman, whereas in reality, it's almost impossible for two people from different backgrounds to get to know each other. You can meet famous journalists, models and the richest people online. 

Main difficulties in finding international brides


Unfortunately, Internet dating like everything in our life has its downside. Despite the undeniable advantages, there are some special facts about online dating that you need to know and that are worthy to pay attention to. Be prepared for them if it’s possible for you. 


To avoid unpleasant surprises in the search for online brides, let's consider possible problems:


  1. As a rule, the woman of your dreams does not appear on the website within the first days or weeks; there could be exceptions, though. So you need to be patient and allow yourself some time. Just do not get upset if something goes wrong and do not draw premature conclusions.

  2. Information about a mail order bride on the dating platform has to be taken on faith. There is always a possibility that a person might be sailing under false colors. You can only check this when you meet her in person and then communicate with her in real life.

  3. The search circle will not immediately narrow down to one woman, so a certain psychological discomfort is inevitable. Some men would find it a bit confusing to be in communication with several mail order brides at the same time. However, you should understand that a woman can also correspond with you and other men at the same time because each of you is still looking for a partner. 

  4. You may correspond with an interesting mail order bride for a long time, talk with her by phone, but she will never decide to meet you in person, and she will find a lot of different reasons for this.

  5. When you meet a woman, she may be different from what you imagined her to be. This often happens when you have communicated a lot, exchanged photos, etc., but you still keep the meeting for later. Your brain would make a mental portrait of the person which will not correspond to the reality

  6. A mail order bride you like may not call you back after the meeting and may even stop communicating with you. Well, she has a right to do that, everyone has their own tastes, you just can’t be loved by all. Though, it may feel quite bitter. 

  7. The woman you like may be married or have a friend with whom she has fallen out recently. As a rule, most often she gets it off her chest herself. If you want to get married and start a family, you’d better stay away from married women.

  8. You may sometimes receive strange messages on dating sites. So, for instance, the woman who has taken your fancy may turn out to be a manicurist from a neighboring house and offer you to use her services. Unfortunately, everyone has their own goals when registering on dating sites.

  9. Technical difficulties: you (or your mail order bride) may lose the Internet connection at the most inappropriate moment.

  10. You will be drawn into this game, and you will always be looking for new acquaintances and impressions. When dating someone seriously, you will think: "What if there is already a more interesting person online? Maybe I should visit the dating site again?”


Of course, Internet dating has its pros and cons, and it depends only on you what your communication will be like in the virtual and real worlds. To avoid nasty surprises, you need to check your feelings and build relationships as soon as possible in the course of real communication.


And if you ask: "So do I have to get acquainted over the Internet or not?", we will say with confidence: "Of course!". Even if you do not immediately find a mail order bride of your dreams on the World Wide Web, you’ll have a lot of fun, that’s for sure. 

Mail order brides pricing: how much you need to pay and to whom?


If you need a wife and dream of a long-term relationship, you should look for a partner on paid dating sites. Just don 't think that these resources offer to buy a woman. They charge a fee for a careful selection of users and creating optimal conditions for intimate communication. For this service, you will have to give out a few tens of dollars, but it will provide you with a number of advantages:


  • confidentiality of meetings (that is, you don't meet in plain sight, like on public free sites);

  • the security of dating (the employees of paid dating sites check every user and his/her background thus providing reliable protection against bots, spam, scammers and hacker attacks); 

  • the accelerated search for an ideal mate for creating a couple - community members are asked to fill out the profile, upload several photos and pass a psychological test; 

  • technical support (the detailed answers to questions, quick help and prompt responses to complaints);

  • the thoughtful design and perfect navigation - that allows feeling confident and comfortable, even for newbies. 


The main thing that the paid agency guarantees is an effective search for mail order brides with serious intentions. Here, you have little chance to meet a giddy young girl or a woman who is looking for an adventure for one night.


Apart from the standard package of services, you can be offered a premium service. The additional paid options include:


  • narrowing the search circle of candidates (for example, you can order a selection of mail order brides up to 25 years old or only from Eastern Europe); 

  • the possibility of meeting via video chat or over the phone; 

  • uploading an unlimited number of photos and videos; 

  • staying on the site in incognito mode for all members of the community, except for the specified circle of favorites.


However, even on a paid dating site, not all depends on money. It is possible that a novice who ordered a standard package of services for only $30 will find his soulmate faster than the owner of VIP status with a year's experience. There’s always a place for a chance in love affairs.

How to get a mail order bride: three life hacks from profs


So you decided to create a happy family. How to start dating online? Here are three key steps towards your destiny:


  1. Choose a reputable international dating site after evaluating the expert review thereof. Register and create your profile there. When filling out the profile, be honest and frank enough, and do not forget to express your individuality. Try to upload a high-quality photo that emphasizes your external benefits and reveals the inner world. You can also upload several pictures.

  2. Initiate a conversation with the mail order bride you like. Make sure that this is your person: find out about priorities, hobbies and habits of your online partner, her past and plans for the future. Try to do everything to intrigue your mail order bride: express your interest, show care, do not skimp on compliments, flirtations, jokes, but know where to draw a line.

  3. Be mentally prepared for what is called “frowns of love”. It often happens that online texting doesn’t afford you pleasure anymore, you get fewer new letters and more frustrations. You may even have already met several girls, but you feel that it’s not what you need... This is when you often remember the words of your skeptical friend who said something like: “What is a mail order bride? This is a myth: you can't meet a normal woman on the Internet” So what should you do? You just have to believe that there are good mail order brides on dating sites! Thousands of men have already found their wives on the Web!  


The main difficulty is that you do have to look for your other half on dating sites. However, thanks to the Internet, you can save a lot of time when searching for your destiny, and that’s good news.  



Among the emails sent to you, there will always be a letter from a mail order bride who consciously chooses you, and you will choose her as well. And this is the key to a happy and successful marriage - a mutual conscious choice of each other. The Internet can provide such an opportunity, that is, the widest choice possible which you hardly have in real life!